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A Guide To Help You Choose The Right Wine Cooler!

A wine cooler is a specially designed refrigerator meant to store wine at desired temperature and humidity levels. Wine gives you the best taste and quality only when it is stored right, hence if you are into wine collection, then you may probably need a wine cooler. Wine coolers and wine cabinets with chillers are available in different types ranging from the basic ones to high-end models having dual temperature feature, digital control panels, etc.

If you are planning to buy a wine cooler, having some idea about them would be useful so that you can make the choice rightly; this article is meant to give you an insight into the same! Being a wine-lover, you may also like to have a look at

What is the price of a wine cooler?
Wine coolers are available in varying price ranges, and hence you would be definitely able to find out something which suits your budget. The price varies with the storage capacity, features, and the quality. If your purpose is just to store a few bottles which you buy from the market and which are likely to be consumed soon, then you may just need a basic model which provides the right temperature. But if you have a vast collection of different type of precious wines which are to be stored for months or years, then you must go for an expensive model with more capacity and extra features.

What is the Size of a wine cooler?
The width of the wine coolers usually ranges between 15 cm and 70 cm. The most common width is 60cm. The capacity of wine coolers may range from 6 or 8 bottles to about 70 or 80 bottles.

Which type of wine cooler should you choose?
To decide what type of wine cooler suits you the best, you must consider the following points.
· What is the quantity of wine that you have to store? – Go for a size which is a bit greater than the size of your collection so that you have some additional capacity if needed.
· How much space do you have available to place the wine cooler? – Check the room where you are planning to place your cooler. Depending on the place available, you can choose between free-standing, built-in, integrated or counter-top models.
· Are you going to store just one type of wine or multiple types? – If you are going to store just a single type of wine, then you may need a cooler which provides a single temperature alone. On the other hand, if your collection includes a mix of red and whites and they have to be stored for long, then it’s better to have dual temperature coolers so that you can store some at service temperature and the rest at storage temperature. Some expensive models provide triple temperature zone so that you have the provision to keep other drinks also if required.

What are the additional features available in wine coolers?
· Humidity control
· Glass doors which are resistant to UV
· Touch controls
· Digital displays
· Door locks
· LED lighted interior
· Upright storage facility
· Adjustable shelves
· Pull-out or sliding shelves
· Alarms and smart functions
The above-listed are the most commonly found extra features available in wine coolers. They may vary depending on the brand. Go for the features which you find useful.