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Top Reasons To Add Berries To Your Diet

Berries are often added to a recipe for the sweet and tangy flavor they offer. However, many people do not stop and think about the different health benefits these seemingly innocuous little things offer. According to the experts at , eating a handful of berries everyday can keep several types of health ailments at bay. Here are a few reasons why states that berries are counted among the healthiest food you can offer yourself and your loved ones:

· Loaded With Antioxidants
Berries are filled with antioxidants which help your body in keeping the free radicals under control. Although it is necessary to have a few free radicals in your body to strengthen the body’s defense against viruses and bacteria, too many of them can cause damage to the cells. Anti-oxidants like ellagic acid, resveratrol, anthocyanin, etc. present in berries thereby help reduce your risk of falling ill.

· Improves Blood Sugar & Insulin Response
According to recent studies, berries have proven to improve blood sugar as well as insulin levels especially when they are taken alongside high carb food items. This is one of the top reasons why fitness experts recommend adding a handful of berries to smoothies. It improves the taste and keeps your blood sugar levels in check as well.

· High In Fiber Content
Adding fiber to your regular diet is an important part of staying healthy. Berries can help you meet the daily requirements by decreasing your intake of calories and help you manage your weight more easily as well. This is due to the fact that soluble fiber found in food like berries reduces the speed of the movement of the food you have eaten through the digestive tract. This helps you feel full for a longer time and beat hunger pangs at the same time.

· Contain Many Nutrients
In addition to offering your body fiber and antioxidants, berries are high in several minerals and vitamins. For example, strawberries are rich in vitamin C and having just a cup of them will give you 150% of the daily required amount of vitamin C.

· Helps Fight Inflammation
Whenever you sustain an infection or injury, your body’s first line of defense is inflammation. Unfortunately, with increased stress and reduced physical activity, excessive inflammation is reported to be seen by medical professionals. This kind of inflammation is one of the reasons why diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. is able to find so many victims. Adding berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc. to your daily diet can help reduce this type of inflammation and even lower your cholesterol levels.

· Gives You Glowing Skin
Who doesn’t want to have smooth, shiny skin? Berries have the magical power of reducing skin wrinkling and slow down the aging process. So if you are not ready to look old yet, do not forget to eat a handful of berries every day. Ellagic acid present in berries is responsible for decreasing any damage caused due to sun exposure as well. Berries also consist of collagen which keeps your skin nice and tight and slows down wrinkles from forming.

Get To Know The Male And Female Erogenous Zones!

A passionate lovemaking session is never complete without involving the erogenous zones of the male and female body. Unlike the popular notion, the top zones of sexual pleasures need not be limited just to the area below your hips. There are various other areas to be explored to achieve the ultimate pleasures of lovemaking. The link provides a sneak peek into the hottest nine erogenous zones in a woman’s body. There are many areas in a human body with greater nerve concentrations. These zones are easily turned on by touch, vibration or pressure. Such zones are called erogenous zones. These zones play an important role in arousing sexual feelings and reaching the perfect climax of pleasure!

Getting to know these special hotspots can help you and your partner to enjoy the heights of sexual pleasure you always had fantasized about. It plays an important role in improving your sexual health and satisfaction.

Female Erogenous Zones
First let us take a look at the erogenous zones of the goddess of love, passion, and beauty- a woman! Here are the top zones that can send a shiver up her spine and arouse her sexual instincts:

Ø The Undisputed Winner-Clitoris!
It goes without saying that the primary point of arousal in a female is the clitoris! The clitoris area is susceptible as it has some nerve endings that can be turned on with just a sensuous touch. Researchers have time and again proved that the best and quickest way to arouse a female is titillating the clitoris. The best way to get the greatest results is to opt for vibration and pressure methods.

Ø The Sensuous Neck Area!
Yes! You heard it right! The back portion of the neck and the nape area is one among the top ten erogenous spots in a female body. Neck area is particularly sensitive towards the light, soft touches.

Male Erogenous Zones
There are many erogenous zones in the male body too. The robust, stout and hunky guy can go weak on his knees and swoon for you with just the right touch at the right spot! Here are some of the top zones you need to watch out for:

Ø The Most Obvious Zone-Penis!
It goes without saying and without any need to find reasons that penis is precisely the most erogenous zone in a man’s body. All the researchers and lab tests further prove that stimulating the penis is the best way to induce sexual arousal and satisfaction in a man.

Ø Kiss Him! Mouth And Lips!
The lips of man are one of the top sensitive areas. It gets aroused by a touch, pressure and temperature changes. A deep, sensual kiss can trigger the release of some of the unique intimacy hormones like oxytocin. Oxytocin is also called the love hormone for apparent reasons!

Ø The Third Rank Goes To Scrotum!
The scrotum comes third in ranking the erogenous points in a male’s body. The area is filled with nerve endings and hence is extra sensitive to even a gentle touch. It is proved to arouse sexual pleasures and feelings.