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Benefits of Seed Banks

Benefits of Seed Banks

Seed banks can be pivotal not only in saving for the future but also in improving the present. Experiments to enhance the quality of present-day crops have already shown the way. If you take a look at the track record of top ten seed banks, then you will get to know their worth. For more info, you can browse online and learn the modus operandi of seed banks.

Why store seeds?

Storing seeds is the safest and surest method to conserve a wide range of plant varieties. Meticulous research has stated that most floral species can survive for as many as forty years when stored in gene banks. Four decades is a considerable period, and a lot of changes can take place globally. Global temperatures have risen drastically. Rainfall patterns have become unreliable. The population of the world has increased. If it were not for seed banks, numerous plants would have been lost forever.

How seeds survive?

Seeds remain viable for such a long time because they are kept at temperatures of below zero degrees Celsius. Keeping the seeds away from watery situations is also one of the critical aspects of seed preservation. However, some moisture is needed to maintain the seeds at optimum viability. Providing them with the exact amount of moist air can go a long way in ensuring long-term survival.

Need for seeds

The earth is beautiful because it is green. Imagine a barren land without a single tree in sight for miles- it is a sad sight indeed. The whole earth can turn barren and lifeless if humankind does not make efforts to preserve floral species across the planet. If such an extreme situation materializes, then human life will also be adversely affected. Doomsday will always be around the corner.

Understanding the basics

Sun is the ultimate source of all energy. The ATP molecules in our body are also dependent upon the sun. Plants can use the sun’s energy and transform it into a state where animals and humans can use it to survive. They do it by an essential process called photosynthesis. If there are no green plants, then there would not be any photosynthesis. As a result of this, there will not be any way for humans to utilize solar energy for survival.

The plants-the antidote for global warming

Temperatures around the world have kept on increasing because the forest cover worldwide has reduced drastically. Plants use carbon dioxide and release Oxygen when they prepare food during photosynthesis. So, when the number of trees across the world decreases, then the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere also witnesses a hike. Excessive CO2 in the atmosphere is the primary reason for the increase in global temperatures.

Seed banks to save humans

Seed banks can make sure that there is no decrease in the number of plants and trees. With some effort, it is possible to resurrect the forest areas all over the earth. By forestation, humans can ensure that the temperature of the planet returns to normal levels gradually.