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City Directories

When it comes to searching for vital pieces of information in a city directory, a lot of people make some simple errors. You must get to know about the most practical ways to get in the job done. It is also essential that you select reliable directories compiled by officially authorized sources. If you want to search for people and places in Lexington, then you must buy a Lexington directory compiled by the municipal government of the city. You must also read about tourist reviews of this place by browsing online if you want to visit it in the times to come.

Does the directory have information about abbreviations?
If an address has been listed in a directory, then you should get to know whether it is a place of business or someone’s residence. How can you find out the exact nature of the address? Well, you must take a look at the abbreviated symbols present before or after the entry. Different publishers make use of various techniques in enlisting such data.

Look at the indexing thoroughly
Some of the compilers make it easy for readers by providing them with accurate information about the meaning of abbreviations and symbols. In other cases, you will have to read some pages of the directory if you want to assess such details accurately. So, you must bear in mind that the meaning of the same symbol in two different lists might be completely different. The best way to find out if there are such listings is by reading the index of the directory carefully.

You need to keep your wits about you
If you are lucky, your publisher will have given the meaning of all symbols. If that is not the case, then reading the first few pages of the journal is the only way to take things forward. But you must not forget that if you are not aware of the meaning of the abbreviations in the directory, you can make a lot of mistakes going forward.

Who is the publisher?
The intentions of the compiler of the directory must be taken into account when you are searching for something in any city directory. If the municipal government has compiled the index, then you can rest assured about its accuracy. And you will also be aware that the journal aims to make sure that people of the city can find out the businesses and residences located in the town.

Is it a telephone directory?
Well, telephone number directories can often be misleading. The fact is that people keep on moving from one place to another and when they relocate, then they can’t carry forward their previous number. So, if you want to search for someone’s contact information in a directory, then you must always buy the latest edition. Opting for older journals can make things very tough for you. It is highly probable that you will end up spending hours on the job without getting the desired information. Hence, it is best that you avoid such a situation at all times.

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