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Using A Golf Rangefinder Effectively And Efficiently

Golf has the best views. Nature and wildlife host golfing. You need not have a gang to play golf. It can be played all alone. Golfing is like meditation, quiet and smooth. Playing golf with the golf rangefinder is the real fun as it will help you hit success every time. In this page, we are going to learn how to use a golf rangefinder efficiently. Online magazines such as www.golf.com/ overload us with all information relating to golf. Browse through the website to know what is happening in golf worldwide. This article is all about golf rangefinders and serves as a guide for its efficient usage.

Golf rangefinders can help you improve your skills in golf. Rangefinders, which were originally developed for the construction industry is widely used in golf due to its efficiency. Golf rangefinder helps in improving the driving distance and accuracy in golf.

How To Buy A Good Golf Rangefinder?

Go to your local golf course and check for the longest hole in it. Browse online and watch youtube videos on gold rangefinder before purchasing a rangefinder that has a maximum range well beyond the longest hole at your local golf course. This will assure that the rangefinder covers the complete golf course and you can aim at any target.

Satisfied with the range, next is to check the magnification level and increments in the newly purchased golf rangefinder before using it. The golf rangefinder should be adjustable and should contain several degrees of magnification which will result in an exact picture of the target.

Viewing golf course from a distance gives a comprehensive view of the same. Always stand outside of the tee box before you start to use the rangefinder on a golf course. It is golf etiquette to stand well outside of the tee markers while others play ahead of you. Standing outside the tee marks will enable quick play and will give us a complete view of the fellow players in the field.

Try focusing on a certain spot on the course. Look at the target and put it in the context of the rest of the course. This will assure you with a firm hold on the target.
Being comfortable is vital in golfing. Though multiple eye holes are available, it is best to set the golf rangefinder on the first hole to make ourselves comfortable. Setting our eyes on longer holes will make the eyes very tired and will eventually make us lose focus.

After using the golf rangefinder every time, clean the lens and eye hole with golf towel and store it in a safer and proper storage, i.e., the carrying case.


In case of using a digital or laser rangefinder, do not forget to carry an extra battery. In the middle of a round, the battery may drain out, and we will be forced to replace it.

Golfing is a relaxing game to break our routine. Looking at the lush green golf course itself is a great stress-reliever. This article should have enlightened you to play golf in a better and efficient way. Happy golfing!